SEDA Fellowships Annual CPD Event

Developing Engaging Approaches to CPD

15 November 2010

Location: Queen Hotel, Chester

This year's CPD event will be facilitated by Professor Ranald Macdonald (SEDA Executive) together with others from the SEDA Executive.

The event will commence at 18.30 with dinner at approximately 20.00.

After nearly two years of development, the new SEDA Fellowship scheme will be launched at this year's Annual SEDA Conference. A central aspect of the scheme remains the importance placed on continuing professional development (CPD) to remain in good standing as a Fellowship holder.

CPD involves continuing and active demonstration of, and engagement with, the Fellowship development and specialist outcomes and the SEDA values. It is engaged with at all levels of the Fellowship, though possibly with different processes and outcomes.

In this session we will explore current and alternative approaches to CPD and how an e-portfolio might be core to the process. Participants are encouraged to reflect in advance on the success or otherwise of the SEDA CPD approach as against others which they may have encountered elsewhere.

We hope that we can develop a CPD approach which has real meaning to individuals in the further development of their values, thinking and practices.

The event is free for all Fellowship holders and registrants and £40.00 for others. Please book for the event via the booking form for the 15th Annual SEDA Conference.

We look forward to seeing your there.
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