SEDA Fellowships Annual CPD Event

Artful Etymologies: exploring and playing with the histories of the words we use in academic development

12 November 2014

Location: NCTL Learning & Conference Centre, Nottingham

A workshop led by Daphne Loads, Academic Developer at the University of Edinburgh.

Our own CPD is an important aspect of our work as developers, and we aim to include in these annual SEDA Fellowship events opportunities for discussion, reflection, and exploring new ideas. All Fellowship holders and registrants are very welcome.

Open to: Holders of SFSEDA, FSEDA and AFSEDA, and registrants

Daphne Loads is an academic developer in the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh. A Senior Fellow of the HEA, she mentors both new and experienced colleagues within the university's  CPD framework and leads courses in the Masters level PGCAP. Daphne's research interests are in academic staff development.

Workshop outline

What are the connotations of such familiar words as “Development” “Domain” “Staff” “Practice” and “Network”? Often etymologies bring us back to a time when we carried across meanings from our bodily experiences to form abstract conceptions:

‘the original meaning of cogito is ‘to shake together’ and the proper translation of ‘Cogito ergo sum’ is: I shake things up, therefore I am.’ (Geary, 2011, 16)

In this session, Daphne will invite participants to take part in a playful exploration of ‘the beautiful histories meshed within the roots of words’ (Tillman, 2011, 95) and relate this to current research and practice in relation to a range of arts-enriched academic development activities.

By re-engaging with the language of teaching, learning and development, we will create opportunities to identify misunderstandings, acknowledge contradictions, frame new questions and discover fresh insights.


  • Geary, J. (2011) I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How it Shapes the Way we See the World New York: HarperCollins
  • Tillman, L. (2011) Someday this will be funny New York: Red Lemonade

The event will commence at 18.30 with a buffet supper at approximately 20.00.

The event is free for all Fellowship holders and registrants and £30.00 for others. Please book for the event via the booking form for the 19th Annual SEDA Conference.

We look forward to seeing your there.

Marita Grimwood (SFSEDA), SEDA Fellowships Co-ordinator

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