Newcastle BLASST Workshop 2015

Benchmarking leadership and advancement of standards for sessional teaching: the Australian Sessional Staff Standards Framework

07 July 2015

Location: Newcastle University

The BLASST Project is funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching to support and enhance quality teaching by sessional staff in higher education. In acknowledgement of the contribution made by these staff, the BLASST project has established a national Sessional Standards Framework to evaluate and support the learning and teaching, management and administrative policy, procedure, and practices affecting sessional and casual teachers in higher education.

This session will offer a fresh perspective about approaches to, and practicalities of, benchmarking at scale. It will include opportunities for participants to engage with an online tool, benchmarking their own provision using the BLASST Framework and developing an onward action plan.

The anticipated target audience are those responsible for supporting and managing sessional staff e.g programme leaders, educational developers and HR staff, plus sessional teachers themselves.


Marina Harvey has a strong background in participatory action research, initiating supported reflection sessions within  participatory action research to develop leadership capacity. She has many years of research and practice into supporting quality teaching with sessional staff for which she was awarded Macquarie University Learning and Teaching grants, and now leads the ALTC funded Building Leadership with the Sessional Staff Standards Framework project. Her research interests and activities also include reflective practice and learning; assessment and feedback; and mentoring.

Venue and Cost

The venue will be at the Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Newcastle University. The cost for the day will be £65 including lunch and refreshments.

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