Surviving and Thriving - Effective Innovation and Collaboration in the New Higher Education

03 November 2016 - 04 November 2016

Location: Hilton Hotel Metropole, Brighton

SEDA Annual Conference 2016 handbook

SEDA Annual Conference 2016 Feedback Form


“Not all problems, opportunities or possible sites for action in higher education fall tidily under the heading of teaching, learning, assessment, course design, educational development, staff/faculty development, student development, advice and guidance, personal tutoring, language development, numeracy development, learning technology, management, researcher development, research supervision development, administration, support for students with specific learning difficulties, international education, support for students from overseas, equality of opportunity, graduate careers education and advice, employability, community links, open and distance learning, learning resources, estate planning, designing and equipping teaching and learning spaces, learning analytics, organizational development, library and information services, etc..

“This suggests, if it were not already obvious, the great need for the various university development functions, including but not limited to those above, to cooperate.”

Baume, D., & Popovic, C. (Eds.). (2016).Advancing Practice in Academic Development. London: RoutledgeFamler

The two main themes of this conference – innovation and collaboration – are intimately connected. Higher education is becoming more complex, new students and both new and experienced staff bring new needs and expectations, and development functions – see above for a partial list – are growing in number and complexity.

But staff and students don't want to face greater complexity of service. They want easy access to excellent and responsive support, to help them do what they want and need to do. Senior managers want similarly excellent advice and support on developing and implementing appropriate policy and strategy. And developers need to take leadership as well as support roles in the new higher education.

To meet all these needs, the many development functions will need to work effectively together to provide high quality, innovative, responsive, values-, policy- and needs-led development services and leadership.

We intend that the conference should welcome and be of value to those working in the many other development functions suggested above, not just academic development.

This conference will provide space for you to share, test and gain feedback on your work on innovative and collaborative development practice, and learn how others are meeting these challenges.


· Multi-disciplinary and multi-professional collaboration;

· Attention to building communities as well as one-off collaborations;

· Collaboration between institutions as well as within institutions.

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