SEDA Fellowships Annual CPD Event

Confessions of a Swamp Girl - using analogies to teach essay writing (or pretty much anything else)

02 November 2016

Location: Chartwell Room, Hilton Hotel Metropole, Brighton

Our own CPD is an important aspect of our work as developers, and we aim to include in these annual SEDA Fellowship events opportunities for discussion, reflection, and exploring new ideas. All Fellowship holders and registrants are very welcome.

Come and join Dr Alke Groppel-Wegener in thinking about the potential issues when trying to combine teaching and Research. A self-confessed 'swamp girl' (in Donald Schon's notion of the swamp as opposed to the theoretical and academic high ground), Alke will share her practice of using analogies as a teaching (and learning) strategy. After a brief overview of this, we will have the opportunity to try out one of the activities she uses to explain to her students the hidden academic practice so prevalent in HE that can seem baffling to a student not yet introduced into the field. This activity, titled the Dress-up Doll of Formality, will allow us to explore genre, not just in the writing sense, but also in reflecting on the managerial genre which staff in HE come across every day - some of which might be just as baffling and misunderstood by them as a research essay is to some first year students. There will be plenty of opportunity to exchange impressions, ideas and opinions, and Alke will round off the evening with some thoughts on the practice of regenring.

Dr Alke Groppel-Wegener is Associate Professor of Creative Academic Practice at Staffordshire University and a National Teaching Fellow. With a background in (theatre) design, she has found herself exploring writing as a practice for designers in her doctoral work and one part of her job is teaching art and design students to write essays. This has spurred an interest in the exploration of links between creative and academic practice, which she explores further on her blog She has recently collated analogies and activities mapping the research and writing of a basic research essay and published them as Writing Essays by Pictures: A workbook.

Open to: Holders of SFSEDA, FSEDA and AFSEDA, and registrants

The event will commence at 18.30 with a buffet supper at approximately 20.00.

The event is free for all Fellowship holders and registrants and £30.00 for others. Please book for the event via the booking form for the 21st Annual SEDA Conference.

We look forward to seeing your there.

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