SEDA Fellowships Annual CPD Event

Making Pedagogy Work for Us: multimedia methods and CPD

14 November 2018

Location: The Dining Room, Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

A workshop led by Dr David Roberts, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Loughborough University 

Note on title: this workshop was previously advertised as 'Creating Modules for the Digital Visual Age: inclusive multimedia learning and teaching'

Our own CPD is an important aspect of our work as developers, and we aim to include in these annual SEDA Fellowship events opportunities for discussion, reflection, and exploring new ideas. All Fellowship holders and registrants are very welcome.

Workshop Outline
After a brief account of David’s real-world instigation of multimedia, multisensory learning methods in large group lectures, and the results of a 3-year trial on how imagery impacts student cognitive engagement and active learning, there will be an opportunity to experiment with a free online platform that makes the process simple and demonstrates its impact - please bring own electronic device (phone, laptop etc)
The next session takes this forward and applies it to dyslexic students, whose experiences of engagement are submerged in NSS reviews and who may have needs that can be served by the integration of MML methods.
There’ll be an open ‘how-to’ session, where the audience sets the agenda with its concerns regarding theory, rationale and implementation –including like copyright, time management and so on. 

The last session discusses how MML methods can support not just pedagogical practices but also how engaging this way supports a comprehensive CPD strategy. David will be talking about how this method’s wide applicability – given its cognitive nature – provides evidence of innovation, engagement with SoTL and leadership opportunities that support promotion applications on their own, and which also support membership bids to leading bodies like SEDA and the HEA. 

Key takeaways include: 
  • specialist-led overview of and accelerated access to new agenda in HE pedagogy
  • Introduction to literature and methods proven to increase engagement and active learning
  • Awareness of key means to support inclusive pedagogic practices
  • Tools to support pedagogical development and CPD activities.

David Roberts
David Roberts is a Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict and Senior Fellow of the HEA. His background lies in fieldwork in Cambodia during the peacekeeping mission, Viet Nam just after and more recently, Sierra Leone and South Sudan. He is primarily now interested in the power of dominant pedagogies to prevail despite their potential inadequacies and has, with the support of the HEA and his own institution, spent the last 4 years devising and testing an alternative lecture method.

Copyright David Roberts 2018

Open to: Holders of SFSEDA, FSEDA and AFSEDA, and registrants.

The event will commence at 18.30 with a buffet supper at approximately 20.00.

The event is free for all Fellowship holders and registrants and £30.00 for others. Please book for the event via the booking form for the 23rd Annual SEDA Conference.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sarah Wilson-Medhurst, SEDA Fellowships Co-ordinator

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