SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference 2019

Collaboration to support the student experience and progression

09 May 2019 - 10 May 2019

Location: Clayton Hotel Belfast

SEDA Spring Conference 2019 Handbook

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The themes of student experience, outcomes and progression continue to dominate discussions about the nature of post-compulsory education, both within educational institutions and in mass and social media. A recent example from Higher Education (HE) is the debate about universities ‘handing out first class degrees to students’ (1). Further Education (FE) is confronting different but no less challenging issues, as in the recent DfE report which claimed that “FE senior leaders were found to have an ‘insufficient focus’ on teaching and learning, which is linked to a lack of CPD to allow teachers to grow their skills.” (2)

This conference will examine approaches to and techniques of collaboration, both within and across institutions, which aims to provide the most meaningful support for students as they progress through their courses and make transitions between educational levels. This includes innovation in and evaluation of effective methods for collaboration with students and collaboration in both physical and digital spaces. The conference will be valuable to both staff whose central focus is educational development at dept/school/faculty or institutional level and to teaching staff who are looking for new evidence-based ways of supporting their students.

Within this general theme, we welcome proposals from HE and FE staff from different institutional functions and varying institutional roles where collaboration has proven effective to meet current and likely future challenges. Proposals should focus on innovation/developments and/or evaluation/research in one or more of the following areas, in relation to the overall conference theme:

· Programme, module and learning design

· Course/programme assessment and feedback strategies

· ‘Students as partners’ and related ‘change agent’ initiatives

· Professional development for staff

· Learning and mobile technologies

· Digital capability and institutional support

· Curriculum leadership and staff roles

· Internationalisation

· Widening participation

· Induction and transitions

· Apprenticeships

· Inclusivity

· Wellbeing

· Learning development


1. The phrase ‘handing out’ was the headline phrase in many media outlets in June 2018 (e.g. Radio 4 Today programme – 21/6/18;

2. A summary of main findings and links to the main report can be found at

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