What is the future of the PG Cert Teaching & Learning in Higher Education?

SEDA Workshop

13 February 2020

Location: Woburn House, London

Our workshop aims to instigate a wider, cross-institutional and national level discussion of the place, value, future and evidence *for* PG Certs in learning and teaching in HE in today’s UK higher education. 

These questions are highly relevant for the educational development community as well as academic and professional services leaders, policy makers and strategists in education and staff development in HE for two main reasons. 

Firstly, recent changes in the regulatory (e.g. TEF) and operational (e.g. increasing student-staff ratios and reliance on fixed-term contract staff for teaching) landscapes of the HE sector have seen the gradual disappearance of these PG Certs, and their replacement with alternative teaching qualifications, e.g. teaching fellowships. 

Secondly, existing evidence for the effect of teaching qualifications on staff development in teaching and learning appears to favour PG Certs over their alternatives. 

The workshop will engage participants in a long-needed debate about what makes effective staff development, and the scholarship that can determine it. 

It will present and summarise for the debate and discussion the existing evidence from published research in the impact of teaching qualifications on staff development, including personal data of the workshop leads.

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