SEDA introduce the first in a series of online workshops delivered by members of the SEDA community

Transitions into, through and out of higher education

13 October 2020 - 01 December 2020

How can we ensure a smooth transition, enhance student experience and equitable outcomes as students move into, through and out of higher education? In a post Covid-19 world where adaptation to change is an increasing requirement on all those involved in Higher Education, this series of workshops will explore a variety of ideas and perspectives on how to promote and ensure smooth transitions not just into but also through and out of Higher Education. The workshops culminate with the publication of a SEDA special, which will be available to all attendees. All the sessions are recorded and available through the SEDA website

In each workshop, there will be short presentations on the key contributions of the relevant section of the SEDA special, followed by break-out discussions and a chance to come together to share ideas on each theme. We aim to create a community of practice around supporting students in transition as a long-standing outcome of the workshops so please do consider joining us.

• Workshop 1 focuses on the transitions into higher education. We will be exploring the issues of diversity, unpicking the assumed heterogeneity of the student body, by looking at the experiences of BTEC students and mature learners. Does the route into HE impact on their subsequent experience of HE? What support is needed for students coming into HE via different routes?

• Workshop 2 moves to examining at transitions through HE. How do we counter the “second year slump” and what role might employment on campus serve in terms of creating a sense of belonging? This workshop encourages us to look at what happens after the initial transition into HE, annd how students experience those changes that occur as they progress through their degree programmes.

• Workshop 3 explores transitions out of higher education. How do first in family graduates navigate the transition into the employment market, and how can we better support them, and how can technology help in preparing students for placements which may facilitate this transition out?


The workshops will be presented via Zoom on 13 October 2-4pm, 3 November 2-4pm and 1 December 10am-12pm. You can attend all or individual sessions.

The cost to attend all three session will be: £30 for SEDA institutional named contacts; £45 for SEDA Individual members and £75 for Non Members. 

The cost for individual sessions will be: £10 for SEDA institutional named contacts; £25 for SEDA individual members and £35 for Non Members

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