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SEDA Paper 125

Our Days Are Numbered: Metrics, Managerialism, and Academic Development

Roni Bamber
2020 ISBN: 978 1 902435 68 8

‘Our days are numbered: Metrics, managerialism, and academic development’: in one sense, our days are numbered, because our work time is increasingly dedicated to quantitative analysis, and then planning and providing services on the basis of that analysis. In the other sense, academic development is done for. The research undertaken for this publication will show that the first seems to be true, but the second is not. In fact, academic development is in demand, although in rather different ways than previously.

This publication notes the significant differences which national and institutional uses of metrics have made to so many aspects of university life: to strategy, to cultures, to funding, to student recruitment, to the motivation of staff and students, and to institutional hierarchies and rankings, locally and globally. In fact, metrics will increasingly affect the forward trajectory and survival of institutions. It is also noted that, in dealing with metrics, we are treading very tricky ground conceptually, given some of the faulty reasoning and shaky assumptions which the publication identifies as underpinning metrics. If we add to this the disjunction between the culture of metrics and accountability, and what were previously thought to be higher education values, it is inevitable that behaviours will be distorted as institutions fight to navigate these challenges, respecting, perhaps, the letter, rather than the spirit, of the law.

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SEDA Paper 124

Beyond the Peer Observation of Teaching

Edited by David Gosling and Kristine Mason O'Connor
2009 ISBN: 978 1 902435 47 3

Peer observation has become a widespread mechanism for the professional development of teaching staff in the UK. But can it be improved? This paper explores experimental moves towards a more flexible peer-supported review of teaching and learning activities.

Six UK university case studies describe the introduction of peer-supported review schemes, which illustrate that by abandoning the formal requirement to 'observe', the opportunity can be created for teachers to discuss and reflect on any aspect of the wide range of issues relating to teaching and learning. They show how powerfully such review schemes can contribute to the professional development of everyone engaged in them.

The case studies also reveal how peer review can encompass a broad range of topics, including e-learning, course design and evaluation, marking student work and postgraduate supervision. The editors argue that the introduction of formal peer review schemes is important - not least because it creates the entitlement for staff to make space to discuss teaching and learning, and also encourages the dissemination of innovative and best practice.

This publication propounds a form of CPD which is comparatively novel in the UK and it encourages and supports all teachers, practitioners and educational developers to experiment with the ideas within the context of their own institutions.

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SEDA Paper 123

Embedding CPD in Higher Education

Edited by Mike Laycock and Liz Shrives
2009 ISBN: 978 1 902435 45 9

Is teaching and working in higher education becoming a profession? We believe it is, and this publication contributes to the discussion on how to accelerate this process. Mike Laycock, Liz Shrives and a team of expert practitioners explore the issues and theories of Continuing Professional Development, the emergence of CPD schemes and frameworks and the reality of implementing CPD in higher education institutions. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, from Humboldt to Cooperrider, the contributors address major challenges and questions such as: what is, or should be, CPD? How can it be recorded and recognised? How can staff (not just academic staff) be encouraged to participate and value it? How can universities and university management work with their staff to use CPD for mutual benefit? Higher education is committed to the development of its students – this paper shows how it can become committed to those who work within it as well.

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SEDA Paper 122

Educational Developments - The first five years. 15 key texts in staff and educational development

James Wisdom and Julie Hall (Eds)
2008 ISBN: 988 1 902435 43 5

This paper is a selection of articles from the first five years of Educational Developments. Around 157 substantial articles were published between 2000 and 2004 and the articles selected for this compendium are ones that will be most helpful for newcomers to staff and educational development. They will also be of interest to established educational developers as a record of significant changes and growth at this time. The articles are substantially as they were published in the magazine and the contributors are: Graham Badley, Roni Bamber, Helen Beetham, Glynis Cousin, Frances Deepwell, Lewis Elton, Graham Gibbs, Helen King, Ray Land, Haydn Mathias, Andrew Ravenscroft, Rhona Sharpe and Shân Wareing.

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SEDA Paper 121

Student Transition: Practices and Policies to Promote Retention

Anthony Cook and Brian S Rushton
2008 ISBN: 978 1 902435 41 1

The current concern with engaging and retaining students through their transition from secondary to tertiary education is here given new perspectives. Widening participation and the increasingly target-driven modern higher education environment have combined to push retention into the forefront of many institutions’ concerns.  The STAR project, conducted at the University of Ulster, is described as a means of providing evaluated examples of good practice in managing student transition. The detail, breadth and scope of the project will surely render it among the most useful and informative examples of literature on the subject, addressing a variety of challenges and issues from national and university strategies to course and departmental level.

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SEDA Paper 120

Using Auto/Biography inTeaching and Learning

Edited by Philip Frame and Judith Burnett
2008 ISBN: 978 1 902435 39 8

Stories, experiences, values and lives: how can we bring them into the arena of higher education and make them relevant? In this latest SEDA Paper, experienced academic contributors explore and examine the ways in which biography and autobiography can enrich and develop the student learning experience, and thus in turn improve the quality of teaching. Discussed both in its impact on developing learners and learning communities and in practice as a vital teaching tool, the use of biographical knowledge is revealed to be an inspiring, valuable and challenging aspect of the pedagogical process.

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SEDA Paper 119

E-Teaching: Engaging Learners Through Technology

Stephen Bostock
2007 ISBN: 978-1902435367

In this latest paper, Dr Stephen Bostock, the Head of the Learning Development Unit at Keele University, gives a comprehensive introduction to the ever-expanding world of technology and assesses its use in the various roles of teaching. As the author states, there are few aspects of teaching that cannot be supported by technology: presentations; on site learning activity; multimedia resources; online interaction and virtual learning environments are all discussed in depth.

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SEDA Paper 118

Peer Observation of Teaching

David Gosling
2005 ISBN: 1 902435 311

Teaching is a complex and demanding activity. It can be rewarding and exciting, but it can also be difficult and emotionally draining! Although there is a growing body of literature to help promote scholarly dialogue about teaching and learning, many staff still find it difficult to talk about their own teaching. Peer observation of teaching is one way in which a professional dialogue about teaching can be promoted and sustained.

Drawing on the international literature on peer review of teaching, SEDA Paper 118 provides a comprehensive guide to implementing a departmental peer observation of teaching (POT) scheme based on a ‘collaborative model.’ Traditionally the observer is expected to provide ‘feedback’ to the teacher. In the ‘collaborative model’ each peer is encouraged to engage in a critical, reflective conversation based on principles of equality and mutuality of benefit. Attention is shifted away from teaching as ‘performance’ and onto ways of successfully supporting student learning.

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SEDA Paper 117

Assessing Group Practice

Edited by Cordelia Bryan
2004 ISBN: 1 902435 26 5

This paper focuses on different approaches to developing and assessing group practice in higher education resulting from a research project entitled Assessing Group Practice. The project was funded within HEFCE's Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) in the period 2000 to 2004. Assessing Group Practice was a consortium lead by Central School of Speech and Drama and including five other Higher Education Institutions: University of London, Goldsmiths College; Dartington College of Arts; Universities of Leeds; Salford; and Ulster. The project aimed to ensure that assessment of collaborative activity within the performing arts can be demonstrated to be fair, robust and practicable across the sector. Some key questions which prompted the team's research included:

  • What are we assessing, the skills or the person who applies these skills?
  • What are collaborative skills and when should they be evaluated / assessed individually or as a group?
  • How might we demonstrate and evidence creativity beyond the stated learning goals?

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SEDA Paper 115

Personal Development Planning

Edited by David Gosling
2003 ISBN: 1 902435 19 2

Through both discussion and case studies, this paper considers ways in which students can be encouraged to reflect on their learning, record what they have learned and use these reflections to plan their future learning. Sometimes called 'personal and academic planning', sometimes 'recording achievement' or 'profiling', the process of 'personal development planning' is currently being strongly encouraged as a means of assisting students to make sense of their learning wherever it occurs. This paper will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand the rationale for, and ways of implementing, different models of PDP.
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SEDA Paper 114

Independent Work Experience: an evolving picture

Edited by P Watton, J Collings and J Moon
2002 ISBN: 1 902435 18 4

A resource for staff and educational developers seeking to introduce schemes for recognising and accrediting independent work experience. It should also be of value to lecturers wishing to introduce a work experience dimension into their programmes.
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SEDA Paper 113

Student Induction in Practice

Philip Frame
2001 ISBN: 1 902435 16 8

Induction is a critical factor for students' experience of Higher Education, and, indeed, the very survival of HEIs themselves. This book includes examples of good practice from a variety of settings located within the context of change management.
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SEDA Paper 111

Innovations in Teaching Business and Management

Edited by C Hockings and I Moore
2001 ISBN: 1 902435 14 1

The case studies in this latest SEDA publication show how university teachers in UK Business Schools have responded to the challenge of enhancing the quality of student learning. Compiled by the editors as a source of tried and tested ideas that might help other business and management lecturers make changes to their teaching, the cases provide sufficient operational details to help colleagues adopt or adapt them to suit their own teaching situations. The paper is also directed at Staff and Educational Developers and at those responsible for promoting innovation and quality in teaching and learning.

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SEDA Paper 110

Good Practice Working with International Students

Edited by Gina Wisker
2000 ISBN: 1 902435 13 3

This collection of essays from practitioners working with international students in universities in the UK and Australia shares good practices in all aspects of university learning, teaching, curriculum and support, policy and provision. It should prove an essential resource for colleagues working with international students in mainstream university education. Moving away from any ‘colonial hangover’, deficit or purely economically influenced models, essays here recognise the importance of internationalising our university provision for the benefit of all students.
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SEDA Paper 109

Work Based Learning and the University: new perspectives and practices

Edited by C Costley and D Portwood
2000 ISBN: 1 902435 12 5

The story of how Middlesex University has embraced and embedded work based learning within its constitution, systems and practices is told in this new SEDA publication, Work Based Learning and the University. The story-tellers are members of the National Centre for Work Based Learning Partnerships which is the agency created by Middlesex to bring about the pan-university development of work based learning. The monograph describes the struggles as well as the successes of what this institutional development has involved. A mine of information is available on how pedagogical and curricular issues have been addressed. With 7 years experience of over 1500 students and 60 organisations, the contributors are able to reflect on and evaluate what has happened.
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SEDA Paper 106

Good Practice in Postgraduate Supervision

Edited by G Wisker and N Sutcliffe
1999 ISBN: 1 902435 03 6

This book brings together a number of essays looking at good practice in research supervision from the point of view of the researcher, and the supervisor and staff developer facilitating courses of training and development. It also examines the issues and practices which are increasing in importance as the postgraduate population increases and changes.
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SEDA Paper 102

Peer Assessment in Practice

Edited by S Brown
1998 ISBN: 1 946815 99 2

This edited collection has been put together specifically to reflect the actual experiences of a number of higher education teachers who have been using peer assessment with their students over a period of time and who have discovered not only the associated advantages but also the pitfalls and problems that can be part of the process.
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SEDA Paper 100

Staff Development in Action - a compendium of staff development resources and suggestions on how to use them

S Brown and P Race
1997 ISBN: 0 946815 79 8

This paper collects together a wide-range of staff development workshop exercises, introduced in a 'how to approach doing it' style. It is based round collections of photocopiable overheads on each of the areas covered, from which staff development workshop facilitators and trainers can make their own selections for particular purposes, or use to adapt to their own circumstances. All of the exercises are well tried and tested by the authors, enabling both the pros and cons to be addressed!
No longer in print but can be bought on a a CD-ROM.

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SEDA Paper 97

Leading Academic Programmes and Courses: developments in roles, practices and in-house training

Edited by Gina Wisker
1997 ISBN: 0 946815 39 9

As the shape of higher education in the UK has changed, so too have the needs, demands and roles of leaders and managers at all levels. This book has grown out of the shared perceptions and changing strategies of educational developers and the leaders and managers with whom they work. It concentrates on definitions and suggested good practices for the work of a variety of leaders in HE.
No longer in print but can be bought on a a CD-ROM.

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SEDA Paper 95

Effective Peer Tutoring in Further and Higher Education

K J Topping
1996 ISBN: 0 946815 29 1

This staff development pack reviews the many different types of peer tutoring possible in FE and HE, gives definitions and a typology, and summarises the international effectiveness research on them to date. Forty overhead transparency masters enable persuasive staff development activities to be conducted. The pack goes on to outline how to organise peer tutoring, prompting the reader to reflect and record their own planning decisions on the structured proforma provided. Other useful resources are included.
No longer in print but can be bought on a a CD-ROM.

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SEDA Paper 80

Never Mind the Teaching Feel the Learning

P Race
1993 ISBN: 0 946815 53 4

An anthology of workshop papers, conference papers and workshop reports on a mixture of themes, including assessment, open learning, appraisal and large classes.
No longer in print but can be bought on a a CD-ROM.

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